Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yay for Ducktales

Somehow even though we had nothing on the schedule for the weekend, we still managed to stay busy. Friday was one of those days where...well lets just say that opening the bottle of wine that evening was the highlight. I decided to get all errands accomplished in one day with both kids. All we needed to do was go to Target, Costco, and Walmart. I seriously set out that morning thinking I would be home by naptime. HA! Fortunately between the PB&J sandwiches I packed for us to eat in the car and the sample tables at Costco, we didn't have to stop to eat. In fact, I really recommend Costco at lunch time. Jack was so well-behaved because there was a new food to try at the beginning and end of every aisle. Thank you Costco! The kids and I managed to survive Walmart (but just barely) and went home to discover a new Netflix dvd in the mailbox...Ducktales. THANK YOU LORD! Needless to say I let Jack watch all nine episodes so that I could be kid free for a little while during Addie's nap. Not that it was a restful time because I spent it putting away groceries. Surely there has to be a better way to grocery shop. I first put all groceries into my cart, then I put them on the conveyor belt, then back into the cart, then out of the cart and into the car, then out of the car and onto the kitchen counters, and finally out of the sacks and into the pantry or fridge. My muscles should really be a lot bigger than they are! Anyways, I put the kids to bed early so that I could prepare a romantic dinner for me and Levi since he was working late and was supposed to be home around 7:30. Well around 8:30 he was still working his tiny tail off (not complaining...very grateful for job security) and I decided I was going to attempt to open the bottle of wine all by myself. I have tried this in the past but somehow always get pieces of the cork floating in the wine by the time Levi takes it over. But not this time!!! I yelled a little whoohoo when that cork came out and did a little happy dance, not because I was dying for some wine but because I did it all by myself. Yay for me! Levi got home a little before 9:00 and we enjoyed the rest of our evening with our cold dinner, bottle of wine and stories from our day. Saturday was one of those days where you just know that God is saying, "You have worked hard. Take a break. Rest. I have planned this rainy day for you." So we listened and stayed in our jammies, made our favorite french toast (click for recipe,), and watched Ducktales again. For dinner we went to our favorite JoJo and Uncle Marc's house for a fish fry. There are some people God puts in your life and no matter what you do you just can't get rid of them. Well, Levi and I are those people to Joanne and Marcus. =) They try to shake us off but we always claw our way back. We lived in the same crappy apartments during college, got married at the same time and even did our premarital counseling together. I guess those things just bonded us because we no longer consider them just friends, they are family. And because they love us (even though they may pretend not to) they offered to keep Jack overnight so that we could have one less kid for the evening. YAY!!! Thanks for that guys. We love you too. Wow, nobody is going to want to read all of this. Oh well. So Sunday (today) we went to church which was AMAZING. Addie didn't stay in the nursery for very long, but we will try again next week. After the kids naptime we went swimming and rode the fourwheeler, all four of us on one fourwheeler. After some hinting, Levi drove out into a field covered in sunflowers and cut me a huge bouquet. He is pretty awesome. Came home and made tacos, which Jack pretended were airplanes and then did the bedtime routine. Wow. Not a lot of interesting activities but it's my life and I'm pretty fond of it. ;)

I can't get over how beautiful my baby is!

Little Addie playing with Pokey. Looks scary but isn't.

Jack eating his tacos, aka Airplanes.

My a Dickey's BBQ cup.


  1. hey! i just found your blog! very cute! i was reading your post on turner would you recommend it or not? kyle and i have kind of talked about going there for a weekend! we'd love an honest review! =)

  2. Annie and Joel are also into Ducktales right now. It's so funny to hear them sing the theme song. "Ducktales woo hoo"