Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Addie's 3rd Birthday

It took me three days to get these pictures uploaded but I endured the excruciatingly slow Internet speeds and finally Addie's 3rd birthday post is here. This birthday was a big one for me because it meant she was going to be moving from her nursery and crib to her new big girl room. In order for this transition to take place I had to completely transform our blue and red playroom into a pink princess room. It took a little over a month of spending every free second holed up in that room but the finished result was sooooo worth it!


Baby Addie in our much missed playroom.

Cleaning out all the toys took an entire day! I was really worried about where they were all going to go but in the end I gave up on my fight to keep toys out of the main part of the house and just let them take over...in an organized fashion. I do want to express my thanks to all of the grandparents for the 4 very large trash bags full of stuffed animals we managed to store in the attic without either kid realizing a loss. Please, no more stuffed animals!

Just to cover the blue bottom half of the wall with primer took 4 coats.

I really set out to take step-by-step pictures of my DIY project but this was as far as it went. After hours and hours of measuring out stripes only to find out it ended with two stripes of the same color meeting, taping the chair rail about 8 times, and meticulously touching up every single stripe border, Addie's beautiful room finally was complete...



All those stuffed animals in the attic and she still has a shelf full of them!

I am super proud of her pretty robins egg blue armoire. It used to be a honey oak color but after reading many many many blogs on how to refurbish furniture I set my mind to remaking this armoire. It was so much fun!!!!!! I wanted to start painting every piece of furniture in my house! Fortunately for the sake of my furniture and Levi's sanity I was too tired to take on any new DIYs.

Addie's room was finished before her actual birthday but she was not allowed to see it until she was 3. She was really excited about her new room but was so great about never peeking.

The big day came and as soon as Addie woke up she ran to her big girl room was ready to open up her surprise.

Hours after she unveiled her big girl room I noticed that it was very quiet in the house. I peeked into Addie's room and found her pretending to be asleep. She said that she was Sleeping Beauty. I would have to agree!

That afternoon we had a big girl tea party with Nana and Mimi. We used our pretty wedding china and Addie loved drinking her water out of a wine glass.

Addie's costume birthday party was that following weekend.

I had a lot of fun with all the neat ideas for mason jars on Pinterest.

Birthday girl! AKA Super Girl!

Levi looks more like Mr. Clean than a pirate. =)

Such cuties!!!

My little dolls!

Miss Avery's costume was definitely the most creative...a kittycat butterfly. And such a beautiful one!

We had three-legged races which was a lot of fun!

Looks like someone cheated...Grandpa!

Who cares! How cute is that face!!!!!

Next came the sack races.

All the kids did such a beautiful job at decorating their pumpkins.

Avery's expression cracks me up!

Dorothy Gail is taking off!

Jack was trying to be extra still so Lauren could paint the perfect spider.

After a quick wardrobe change Addie showed off her pretty pink flower on her cheek.

Whew! Posting this blog was almost as exhausting as Addie's actual birthday! It was so much fun and she loved every second of it but I am glad I have another 10 months and 19 days before she turns 4!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Addie's First Day of Parents Day Out

The day finally came when my baby girl became independent and spent an entire five hours without me. IT WAS MISERABLE...for me. Addie LOVED going to her school but I think mainly because she was excited about her new backpack, lunchbox, and super cute sparkly shoes!

Oh my goodness! This picture makes me want to cry! Our babies are so grown up!

It was Cuddle's first day of PDO too!

Both of Addie's teacher's have British accents. We are really hoping she picks it up. :)

Addie didn't even kiss us goodbye. She saw the toys and was fine. We were shocked! I guess my baby doesn't need me as much as I thought she did. :(

Because we didn't get any pictures of Addie and Lorelei together that morning, we tried to snap a few when we picked them up. This did not work out as we had imagined. Both girls were grumpy from nap time and Addie had new blisters on her heels from those super cute sparkly shoes.

Tomorrow is day two of PDO and I am dreading it!!! Addie is excited though so I guess I'll let her go. This is so much harder than I thought it would be. Even though it is just two days a week I really really really miss having my little girlfriend hanging out with me during the day.