Friday, February 19, 2010

My little Swiss Miss

Today I was trying to get some work done (which by the way is impossible when you have kids) and I realized the house was too quiet. I know from experience to grab the camera when this happens and this time I discovered a cute little mouse in the pantry.

At this point she didn't know I had found her. She was very content rubbing her little fingers in the hot chocolate powder on the floor and then sticking them in her mouth. Every time she would make this sweetest little "ummmmm" sound.

This is her "Uh Oh. I'm caught" look.

Then she realized Momma was laughing and not screaming or crying so Addie decided to share with me. Yummy kisses!
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

These were the valentines Jack gave to his little classmates at school. They were so much fun to make and super cheap ($1.30 for the pictures and $1.65 for the googly eyes.) Levi came up with the tag line and we didn't really give it much thought except that it was funny. But now I'm starting to wonder if maybe other mom's would think it was ugly or gross. Oh well, too late now. Hopefully everyone won't give me a bad look tomorrow when I drop Jack off at school.
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Miracle on Country Oaks Road...and the surrounding area.

We were all supposed to be leaving this Wednesday to go to Denver, CO. Levi has to go for work so we thought that the kids and I would tag along and we would stay a couple of extra days so that we could play in the snow. But then my car, the main family vehicle, died and we found out that it needs a complete new engine. So we decided to save the money that we would have spent on the trip and put it towards either a new car or new engine. We were really bummed because we were really excited about seeing the kids play in actual snow and not the ice that we in Texas all think is snow. But then a miracle snowed like crazy in our own backyard!!!! (And front yard, and other people's yards and kind of all over the place.) It was quite ridiculous how excited we (Levi and I, the parents, adults, grownups) were over the amazing, beautiful gift that we were given. I know that the snow wasn't just enjoyed by us but there is a little part of me that wonders if God kind of had us in mind when He decided to make it fall for an entire day nonstop. Like maybe He wanted to watch us enjoy the snow just as much as we wanted to watch our own children find joy in playing it. It will remain a special memory forever.

Levi giving Addie her first snowball.

Jack was so worried about our already dead garden.

You can't really tell from the picture, but Addie kept going cross eyed from looking at the snowflakes fall so close to her face.
The view from our back deck.

Jack was still in his pjs because he couldn't wait long enough to get dressed before running outside. I had to fight him just to put his boots and coat on.

Addie didn't like that she couldn't walk very well in the snow.

This was the morning after the snow had stopped and EVERYTHING was white. It was so beautiful!

Jack attempting to sled in our sandbox turtle shell. (At least we got some use out of that thing.)

My boys.

Do you like my sock hands? My gloves were being worn by Jack because we couldn't find his. Maybe I'll start a new trend.

View of our pond from the side.

More sledding.

Just looking at the picture makes me cold. I don't know how Levi didn't notice that most of his stomach was showing? Maybe he was numb.

Addie was sunk in the snow but at least she was laughing about it.

Look at Jack's huge least he wasn't stuck wearing the socks.

We started a snowball fight...everyone against Jack. He absolutely loved it. He laughed so hard every time he would get pounded with another snowball. Boys are weird.

I love this picture. Pure joy.

Addie and Daddy

Levi decided he was going to make the biggest snowman ever. It ended up not being the biggest but it was the best snowman to ever grace our front yard.

Addie didn't want to go in but she also didn't want to stand in the snow so she sat in her chair while we worked on the snowman.

The newest member of the Pope family...may he rest in peace.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sugar and Spice

Lately Addie's little personality has been busting out and it is all girl. It has been so interesting to notice the differences in boys and girls...and from such a young age. I have always been girlie (except for that stint in 5th grade where I wanted to be a tomboy...and then it was just so that they boys would want to be around me.) But I never realized that being girlie is innate. I figured I would have to convince Addie to wear dresses and tights and to not roll around in the mud with her big brother. But surprisingly enough she chooses all these things for herself. Already at 15 months she has an opinion about what she wears, the girlier the better. We make countless wardrobe changes throughout the day and are constantly changing jewelry as well. And then there are the tutus. Addie has several but I only let her actually play in a couple of them. But even when the kids are outside playing in the dirt, Miss Addie Grace has to look her best in a pretty tutu.

Sporting her pretty blue tutu over blue jeans and accessorized with pink tennis shoes.

Okay, so this outfit isn't so girlie but she is still super cute!

This outfit was all her own creation. She picked every item out. Pretty cute if you ask me.

This cracks me up because she was wearing so many socks. We just got our gas bill in ($450 big ones) so I decided we were just going to bundle up and leave the thermostat set low. Addie kept finding socks and bringing them to me to put on her. She even wanted them on her hands. She looks like a little gangster in her brother's hoodie but she stayed warm.