Monday, February 8, 2010

Sugar and Spice

Lately Addie's little personality has been busting out and it is all girl. It has been so interesting to notice the differences in boys and girls...and from such a young age. I have always been girlie (except for that stint in 5th grade where I wanted to be a tomboy...and then it was just so that they boys would want to be around me.) But I never realized that being girlie is innate. I figured I would have to convince Addie to wear dresses and tights and to not roll around in the mud with her big brother. But surprisingly enough she chooses all these things for herself. Already at 15 months she has an opinion about what she wears, the girlier the better. We make countless wardrobe changes throughout the day and are constantly changing jewelry as well. And then there are the tutus. Addie has several but I only let her actually play in a couple of them. But even when the kids are outside playing in the dirt, Miss Addie Grace has to look her best in a pretty tutu.

Sporting her pretty blue tutu over blue jeans and accessorized with pink tennis shoes.

Okay, so this outfit isn't so girlie but she is still super cute!

This outfit was all her own creation. She picked every item out. Pretty cute if you ask me.

This cracks me up because she was wearing so many socks. We just got our gas bill in ($450 big ones) so I decided we were just going to bundle up and leave the thermostat set low. Addie kept finding socks and bringing them to me to put on her. She even wanted them on her hands. She looks like a little gangster in her brother's hoodie but she stayed warm.


  1. wow she is so adorable! Love the outfit she picked out herself!

  2. Just wait! Landree Grace dresses up all day long. Now I even find her in different PJ's than I put her to bed in in the morning, and when I go in to check on her before I go to bed she's usually wearing shoes (heels or pink glitter shoes :)