Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I am a survivor

I somehow managed to survive this last month but looking back on it makes me wonder how. The craziness all started with Levi's graduation. I was beaming with pride the whole time...seriously. It was the longest ceremony I have ever attended which was only made longer by the fact that our kids were having to endure it as well. But it was worth it to see my husband, the Masters Grad, walk across the stage for 3 whole seconds.

This is a post graduation picture. The kids were grumpy and in desperate need of naps. Wish I had thought to take pictures before so that the kids would at least have smiled. Oh well.

Levi was showing Jack his diploma and Jack literally said, "That is really cool, Daddy." Sooooooo sweet.

Levi and his baby girl. I love how her little arm is around his shoulder. She always pats him on the back while he holds her.

I planned a surprise party for Levi's graduation and managed to pull it off, thanks to my sister and brother. It was sooooo hard to keep it a secret. I'm very surprised Levi didn't ask me why I was running around like a crazy person trying to clean every speck of dust before we left for graduation.

We weren't supposed to show up to the party until 7:15 so I had to stall. He never questioned the fact that we stopped at the Harbor to get ice cream, walked all the way to ColdStone and then I decided I didn't really feel like ice cream after all, we walked all the way back to the parking lot, I then decided I needed to pee at Target, we went to Target where I sat in the bathroom talking to my sis, then shopped for Addie some shoes, and then was ready to go home. He never questioned it once. He must be used to my craziness.

The party was perfect and it was so great to have our loved ones celebrate this very special day with us. Thank Kim Cartier for making the most perfect cake. I wish I had a better picture of it but it turned out beautiful and soooooo yummy. In fact, there was not one piece to throw away.

The next weekend was the bridesmaid luncheon which was beautiful but I didn't take any pictures. Laci did a great job picking the place and gifts. We ate lunch at a neat little restaurant in downtown Rockwall called Zanatas. They have amazing food and great house wine. She gave each girl a monogrammed tote bag and big fluffy white robes (which we all wore while getting ready for the wedding.)

Then the following weekend was the lingerie shower and bachelorette party. I had fun with the lingerie party because I kept it very simple and intimate. All the food was very sweet and pink. I made berry cups with cool whip, a double mocha brownie trifle (YUMMMMM), strawberry cupcakes with pretty little pearls on top for decoration, and champagne raspberry sherbet punch. (I bought 15 huge bottles of champagne from Costco for Laci's showers and Levi's graduation party and we still have 9 left!)

The spread.

My absolutely beautiful sister. I don't have any pictures of her opening her gifts but she has more lingerie than Victoria's Secret! And even the grandmothers bought her really cute and pretty sets. This little shower was a lot of fun because it was Laci's best friends, mom, grandmother, mom-in-law, and aunt-in-law and we all just sat around eating sweets, drinking pink punch and oohing and ahhing over all of Laci's pretty little lingerie.

After all the grown-ups left =), we all changed into our less covering clothes, reapplied makeup, pulled out the bachelorette crown, special straws and wand, beaded necklaces and headed out for the real party.

Even though Laci and I are both completely grown, (Laci has been on her own for 2 years and I have a husband and 2 kids) our Daddy DEMANDED that Levi go with us! Can you imagine? Your husband or brother-in-law following you around at a bachelorette party? But it ended up being a really great idea because I was able to have a good time...okay, really good time, the kind where your throw up afterwards, without having to be responsible for all the girls...that was Levi's job. It was so much fun to actually go out and have fun with my baby sister. We are separated by almost 7 years so we never have really hung out as friends but this night definitely set the foundation for a wonderful friendship.

The very next weekend was...dun dun daaaaaaa...the wedding!!!!!! The wedding craziness actually began on Wednesday. We still had a lot of last minute things to take care of such as making the programs, creating the seating chart, making table cards, putting together the favors, and packing for the honeymoon. Between Laci, our mom, grandmother, and myself we managed to get it all accomplished before the wedding. Thursday was the rehearsal and dinner. The rehearsal was kind of crazy. My family was late because we had to go get Jack's tux and when we got there it looked like a wedding was going on so we didn't know where to go. But we finally got to the chapel and realized that another wedding was about to happen, they were just waiting on me so that we could run through the rehearsal first. So we practiced once...kind of, and then were shooed out. It was weird. Later we found out that it was a spur of the moment wedding and everyone was very kind and apologetic about the situation. But the dinner was just perfect and beautiful. Laci's mother-in-law is perfect. I just love her and she planned the dinner at the Dairy Manor. When we arrived there were hors d'oeurves with Portuguese wine served. (Lucy, Laci's mother-in-law is Portuguese) Then dinner was served and Lucy had a viol inst and pianist there to serenade us. A special song was even written for Laci and was played before the mothers made their toasts. It was just beautiful!

The next day was so special to me. I am tearing up just thinking about it. It was my last day with my baby sis before she became a married woman. We got up early and Laci, our mom, and I went and had mani/pedis, picked up our bridesmaid dresses (which were beautiful...Thank you Cassie), went shopping for more lingerie, and then came home to just hang out and tie up loose ends.

This is before we left for the day's activities.

Mommy and daughter on the day before the big day!

Laci and I stayed up until about 2 just talking, making a wedding playlist, and strategically packing every piece of clothing she owns into one suitcase and carry on. I think she took 40 pairs of panties with her! NO JOKE. I walked back to my house crawled into bed and 5 hours later woke back up and walked back to my parents to have breakfast with my very awake and excited sister. We had breakfast in her bed while watching Beaches. Afterwards, we still had 3 hours before we even needed to get in the shower so we went for a run in the 100 degree weather! We eventually set off for the wedding somehow managing to not forget anything which is amazing considering we had my SUV packed to the ceiling.
All of the pre-wedding stuff was kind of crazy. Laci wanted me and our mom to handle everything so that she could just enjoy her day so I was constantly running back and forth trying to show groomsmen how to dress themselves in a tux, solve the disastrous seating arrangement situation, fix Laci's hair and dress her, pose for pictures, dress my kids, and get myself ready in the process. But it all came together. I cannot say enough that my baby sister made the most beautiful bride I have ever seen in my life! She literally glowed. I didn't take any pictures the whole time but apparently Levi had brought my camera and somebody ended up taking some pictures on it. I was disappointed that I don't have any of Laci in her gown but I will post some as soon as the photographer allows. But there were some pictures of the kids who were the most adorable ring bearer and flower girl ever!

Addie Grace and Grandpa...and Cuddles.

My handsome little man. He loved that he got to actual wear a flower! So cute.

Jack kissed me and then we made him do it again for a picture...the second time wasn't as sweet. You can tell he is too busy looking at the camera.

Then Addie wanted to get in on the kissing action. She loves to kiss her big brother. Anytime Jack kisses me or Levi, Addie immediately runs up to him waiting for her turn.

Now it is Mommy's turn.

Jack loves his Uncle Matt and Uncle Matt's iphone.

My dainty little angle stuffing her face.
More wedding pictures are coming soon. I am just sooooo ready for my sister to come home so I can hear all about the honeymoon and I can tell her about all the behind the scenes wedding craziness that she missed. Plus I just miss my sister.