Monday, August 10, 2009

My favorite

Ever since Levi and I were dating we have done this thing where we ask what each other's favorite part of the day was and now we do it as a family. Jack's "favorite" is ALWAYS playing his video games (even if he didn't get to play them that day. I don't think he quite understands the concept yet.) Today I was struggling to come up with a favorite. It was just one of those awful days when you don't know if you are going cry or laugh. (I managed a mixture of the two which was kind of weird.) It started out okay with the normal minor things like Addie spilling my coffee on the playroom carpet and running thirty minutes late to a play date. We went with our friends to McDonalds and as I walk into the play area where our boys are playing, I hear a splashing sound. NO KIDDING! I look up and Jack is standing in this plastic car that is hovering above my head (not directly above) and pee is just pouring out of the hole in the bottom. I am in so much shock that I don't even know what to do. I just stand there trying not to cry while my very sweet friend, Anna, picks up Addie and then proceeds to clean up Jack's pee with napkins. I finally snapped out of my stupor and managed to yell, "Jackson Miller get down here now!" I marched him out to the car to change his clothes and realized the pee was the least of my problems. UGH! I am so tired of blogging about pee and poop but it seems that is all my life consists of sometimes! I, having been in this very same situation before, get out the walmart plastic sack I have stored in the console after the last time and threw Jack's clothes in it. We went back in and finished lunch while I tried to start breathing normally again. After lunch we load up in the car and it smells HORRIBLE! That sack had been in the hot hot hot car and was unable to contain the smell of baked poo. Just great.

I decided that today was just blown and tomorrow would be better. I just needed to get through the evening and it would be over soon. But fortunately God reminded me of all the blessings I had experienced during the insanity of the day. First of all, I always enjoy our Monday play dates with the Stutzmans but today I was overwhelmed by the true friend that I have in Anna. I mean seriously, how many people will clean up someone else's kid's pee? I think I would have just curled into a ball and died right then and there if it hadn't been for her. Secondly, Addie got her first tooth today which is exciting. (So far no biting.) Then an amazing thing happened and Levi got home before 10:45 and we were able to play together as a family all evening long. So when I look back on this day I actually have a hard time choosing a favorite due to having too many to pick from. And the day isn't over yet. My "favorite" may be yet to come. ;)

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