Friday, August 21, 2009

My Girl

Today we took Addie's 9 month pictures and had a blast! I never thought having a little girl would be so much fun, granted I still have the teen years to suffer through, but seriously, she rocks! Not only is she the most beautiful baby girl ever (I know, I'm partial) but she is also really, really cool. She already has the sweetest personality and is really funny (she gets that from me. =)) Any time music is on, or even just a steady beat (such as Jack hammering on everything in the house!!!!) she does this funny little dance where she kind of bounces and sticks out her chest. It is so cute!!! And she has the most mischievous little smile when she knows she is doing something she shouldn't but I can't hardly get on to her because she just makes me want to kiss her! She loves all animals and they love her. She is not afraid of any of them. She just sticks out her hand for them to lick her and then giggles. She has this way of looking at you as if she is trying to read your mind and she will win every staring contest every time. She loves to clap and every time a customer comes into our store or someone stops us in the grocery store, she has to show off her clapping skills. She loves when we play dress up with tutus and bows and nail polish but also loves to wrestle and crawl all over her big brother and Daddy. She is already the most amazing little girl I have ever known and she is only nine months old. I know I'm gushing but I am in love, what can I say? ;)


  1. Great pictures! She's a doll! It just keeps getting more fun too! I promise :)

  2. Oh my goodness! She is adorable and these pictures are amazing! :)