Thursday, August 20, 2009

Captain Jack

The other day Jack was playing and I asked him for a kiss (my mom always annoyed me because she was constantly kissing or hugging me and now I do it to my kids...hmmm) and he replied, "No thank you, Momma. I'm a pirate and pirates search for treasure. They don't kiss." And I explained the even pirates kiss their mommys. And he said, "No they don't. They don't kiss their mommys, or their daddys, or their Addies, or the Uncle Matts, or their Jengas (my sister's dog that comes home with her when she visits...I hate that dog.)" So my feelings were very hurt and I was so afraid that he was already too old to want my kisses. But then later that night I tucked him in bed I asked if pirates give goodnight kisses and he replied very seriously, "Momma, I'm not a pirate any more. I'm just a boy." Ohhhh, if only he could always stay "just a boy."

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