Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why do I do this to myself?

I am sitting here with a huge bowl of chocolate ice cream barely able to type because I am scarfing it down so fast. What is the reason for the calorie binge...Addie's birthday party. I have all these great ideas but no talent to put any of them to work. I have decided on a Mad Hatter tea party theme and have been searching for neat decorations and ideas and am overwhelmed with how many cute things are out there. We are going to do a topsy turvy cake (kind of looks unstable, like it is going to fall over) and little cookies that say "Eat Me" (which seems a little crude) and little cups that say "Drink Me." I have found the cutest raspberry colored pettiskirt and cupcake top for her to wear but I still need to order it. I'm a little nervous about ordering it now when I still have two more months to come across something I like better but it takes 8 to 10 weeks before delivery so I should just do it. I found Jack the cutest little tshirt that has interchangeable ties that velcro to it. Need to order that as well. It is one of my latest Etsy finds. (completely obsessed!) Because this is a party for a 1 year old there really can't be games or much structure which is kind of a bummer because there are a lot of neat things you can do pertaining to this theme, like play croquet or decorate silly hats, or actually use pretty little tea sets and get all dressed up. I think I'm going to have to do this theme again when she gets a little older and I can go all out. I found some cool props that I could use for pictures and table settings. I actually came across a Mad Hatter's hat that really looks like the real one (cartoon one). And on ebay there are these giant tea cups with saucers that are big enough for Addie to sit in (Cute pic idea) I am still tossing around ideas for party favors. I have thought of personalized cups with crazy straws and Alice in Wonderland books. I'm not really in love with either idea but at least I still have little while before I have to make up my mind. I would love suggestions if you have them. Whew...I feel much better now that all those ideas are out of my head and on paper errr...I mean computer. Now I just need to actually order this stuff and turn my focus to halloween.

Yes, we dress our kids up on this very pagan holiday. I know some people feel very strongly about this but I'm not one of those people. It doesn't bother me if you are but I'm not. With that being said I'm really excited because this year I have two kiddos to deck out and I can't help but do a theme. So I have decided to go with....drum roll please....Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. I'm not too sure Levi is going to approve of his son wearing tights but Jack is excited that he gets to carry a wooden sword and pretend to fly. And I think Addie will just make the most beautiful little Tinkerbell with her blond hair and big blue eyes. I found a really cute Tinkerbell inspired tutu and wings on Etsy, yet again. But we are going to Canton in September so I'm going to hold out to see if there is anything better there.

And now that I have my October all planned, kind of, I should start freaking out about Christmas!!!!!!! I need more ice cream!!!! ;)


  1. Man, we think the same! I can totally freak myself out about Christmas sitting here right now. I have had to scrafice a lot this year getting ready for Hudson's arrival, and it actually feels pretty good. Landree's party this year is the lowest stress party I've ever planned. Now it's just hoping I'll make to to the party next weekend!

  2. Where did you see the hat that looked like the cartoon mad hatter? Was it kid sized? Annie and Joel are considering being Alice and the Mad Hatter this year for Halloween and Annie already has a costume but Joel needs one. By the way they were Tinker Belle and Peter Pan last year and it was too cute.