Monday, August 24, 2009

We're done!

Today I finally began the tedious job of sorting through the kid's clothes that they have outgrown so that I can put them in the JBF consignment sale. I worked on it all day and never even got around to actually putting them on hangers or tagging them and there is a whole tote of more in the attic still to be brought down. The crazy thing is I did this just a few months ago for all spring clothes and I still have piles and piles to dig through of just fall clothes. It is like they reproduce if they touch each other or something. I certainly don't remember buying everything in every store in the whole world but it all seems to end up here. But at least I have begun and all the clothes are in neat piles according to size and type. Which, by the way, girls have a gazzilion different categories of clothes... tanks, tshirts, dressy shirts, dresses, skirts, bloomers, tutus, sweaters, jeans, capris, shorts, cotton shorts, dress pants, tights, leggings (that's right, there is a difference), and then matching outfits, while Jack just has pants and shirts. And that doesn't even include the different shoes and accessories! Crazy! You would think that I wouldn't be in such shock over all that a girl requires being that I am one. Hmmm.

But while I was going through all Addie's clothes it hit me that she will never be that tiny little blob, beautiful blob, but still a blob, ever again. And not just that, but I most likely won't have another little blob to dress into tiny little blob baby clothes again either. That's right folks, we are done. At least that is the "plan." I know, I know...we plan, God laughs. Well He is probably slapping His knee right now and we are very much okay with whatever He chooses if He decides to perform a miracle. But we feel complete as a family. It's a nice feeling. It took me a while to feel this way. Levi said two was enough when we were pregnant with Addie(it boils down to dollar signs and lack of hands to him) but for me I wasn't sure. Even while enduring the 2 o'clock and then 5 o'clock feedings I still wasn't sure. I don't mind all the hard stuff about having a teeny one. I actually really love it and having Addie reminded me of just how much I love the baby stage. So I was worried that here I was wanting to do the baby thing again while my husband didn't. So Levi and I both prayed that God would change one of our hearts. Well, I can honestly say I was the lucky winner. I don't really know when it happened but now I have such a peace and a true joy about our family as just the four of us. We make a pretty good team and seem to be a good fit. I think God matched us up pretty well. He's good at that sort of thing. =) Plus this means no more morning sickness, expanding belly, anxiety over the fear of stretchmarks, maternity clothes, raging hormones (until the glorious menopause), or the issue of "the middle child." But like I said, God might have a complete different plan for us Popes, who knows? ;)

Addie managed to sneak away during my clothes sorting and I found her playing in Kleenex. I let her keep playing because it just looked like so much fun! Then she ate some so the fun had to stop.

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  1. Something that I found helpfull is to keep a rubbermaid tub in the bottom of the closet and if I put something on Izzie and it doesn't fit, I just throw it in there. Then I don't have to clean out her drawers. So far it's worked really well. What's sad is that I've already filled up a tub!! She had SO MANY clothes!