Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our family's perfect match

Today the kiddos and I got to go spend the morning and most the afternoon with our cousins. These cousins are quite special to us not only because we love them but also because they are our perfect match. That probably sounds weird but it is true. Our boys are the same age (3 weeks apart) and our girls are the same age (2 days apart.) This coincidence is such a blessing because there is always someone struggling with the same baby/toddler issues as me at the same time and it makes me feel not so alone in the craziness of mommyhood. (Thanks Stef for being a real mom too! =)) Usually Jack and Rylan play pretty good together with the occasional tattle or stolen toy but today both boys were little toots! At one point they were driving around in Rylan's really cool jeep power-wheels thing and both were just bawling their eyes out the entire time. Who knows why? Not even sure they knew. Yet neither wanted to get out. Crazy boys. I hope the girls aren't quite as emotional. Yeah right! But it was so nice to watch the boys exert all that energy on each other instead of on us mommies.
Plus getting a chance to have girl talk (even if it is interrupted 5 billion times) is definitely worth the constant threats of timeout. Stef and I started discussing the girls birthday parties which will back to back, of course. It is crazy that my baby girl is now 9 months old and in just a matter of a few months she will be the big 1! I'm excited about her party though and getting her a big tutu and having a girly theme (thinking Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party.) Yes, I know, she will not even remember it but I will so I plan to go just as crazy as I want. It's the joy of being the mommy.
Anyways, after several emotional breakdowns we decided to pack up the kids and head to Chik-fil-a. Let me just say that I feel so sorry for those very sweet people that work there. I know Addie probably dropped an entire box's worth of cheerios under the table and Jack killed the pretty flowers on our table and the one next to it. Sorry Chik-fil-a, just be grateful Jack didn't pee inside the playground area this time. =) I know I am. But I love Chik-fil-a because the kids can go play away from us in that miraculous soundproof room while us mommies can pretend to have a semi-grownup lunch. It's a treat for the kids and the mommies. Can't go wrong there! We decided to call it a day after the 800th meltdown and because we had been there for almost 2 hours! (Like I said, it's a treat for mommies!) I pulled into our driveway and saw that both kids were completely zonked out in their car seats. I managed to snap a couple pictures and get them both in bed without either waking. Ohhhh sweet little blessings!

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