Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I officially no longer have babies in diapers!!!! Last Friday was the official potty training day and it was quite an adventure. Because Jack's potty training took a couple of years I have put off training Addie and now she has a ballet recital in May and required to wear her costume sans panties (and especially big bulky diapers). So I realized it is time to start with the training and this time I was going to do it right, give 110%. And I did!
After Addie and I dropped Jack off at school we came back home to discover a tea party and our new big girl doll! Addie loves having tea parties and this party was extra special because we used the beautiful little china tea cups I've been collecting for Addie. Addie's doll was a big part of our day. The "bible" of potty training said that the first part of the day should be spent having Addie train her doll but every doll that pees looks like an infant and I wanted Addie's doll to look like a big girl. So I found this beautiful blond princess Aurora doll and knew Addie would fall in love with her like I did. I made the doll panties from cutting up old baby blankets and duck tape and tucked one of Levi's travel size contact solution bottles into her dress so that when I squeezed her she went peepee. I can be pretty resourceful when I need to be.

Addie got several special potty books and movies (of which I have the "Bye bye peepee" jingle fused into my head.)

We spent all morning watching our new movies and reading our books to Chloe (aka Princess Aurora) with interruptions to run to the potty to give Chloe potty practice.

I was initially afraid Addie wouldn't be very potty trainable because she hates potties because they are "yucky" so I glammed out the kid's potty with as much pink as I could find. She LOVED it and wanted to take her new princess potty seat and pink stool everywhere!
After lunch it was time for nap! So Chloe had to wear her new princess pull-ups and Addie insisted that she wear them too!
After naptime Addie walked into the living room rubbing her eyes and I told her that she had one more present to find and unwrap. This woke her up and she started running all over the place searching for her last present.
She finally found it and proceeded to pull out and throw over her head ever pair of her new panties. We put them on and sat on the potty...for 30 minutes. Nothing happened. Then the UPS truck turned down our driveway which could only mean one thing...our new shoes were here!!!! So before putting on panties we opened our new shoes and put them on! We danced around the house to the Justin Beiber's Baby when all of a sudden Addie ran to the bathroom screaming "POOOOOOPOOOO!!!" and slammed the door. I, of course, ran after her and opened the door to find my pretty little princess stomping around in the mushy diahrea poop in her brand spankin new shoes!!! By the end of the day I was a little dissapointed because we didn't have one successful potty attempt. The next morning we started fresh and new at 6am! It was an exhausting but very satisfying day. We had way more successes than accidents and I perfected my Barney act...well it wasn't so much Barney as it was a cheerleader on speed.
By the end of the third day I had exhasted my vocal cords with many repetitions of ABCs, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Baby Shark, This Little Light of Mine, Jesus Loves Me, and Twinkle Twinkle but it was all worth it because had NO accidents all day long!
So I officially have no more babies in diapers and I'm sad but relieved to have this one thing off my todo list. Congratulations Addie Grace! You are such a big girl!!!!

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