Friday, February 4, 2011

It finally happened

Today was the day. I knew it was coming. Every parent expects it to happen praying that it never will. But the inevitable usually happens. Today Jack Cut His Hair. DUH DUH DUN!!!!!!!!

Levi and I had been in our bedroom folding laundry while Jack was supposedly watching cartoons in the living room. Now let me just stop here. I know what you are thinking. Why weren't you watching him? It's a good question but really this is not unusual for me to take advantage of Addie's nap time by folding a load of laundry while watching a grown up (aka "tweener") show such as One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl (make fun of me on your own time). I have a perfect view from my bed into the living room and I usually sense when Jack is being mischievous and all I have to do is give him the mommy look. But today Jack was stealthy. I'm actually quite impressed. He managed to sneak into the kitchen (which I can also see from my room), pull the chair to the counter, grab the kitchen shears out of the wood block, push the chair to the kitchen sink and cut off his beautiful hair, then put the kitchen shears back, replaced the chair, and went on about his cartoon watching as if nothing had happened. And because he acted so normal I didn't even notice his new look until I started making dinner and glanced into the sink and saw...

I immediately yelled, "Jack! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" And Levi and I both saw our son's new do at the same time and burst out laughing. He kind of resembles Jim Carey's character off of Dumb and Dumber. So now we have to cut it all off. He has always had longish hair and we are both pretty torn up about our son's gorgeous hair being gone. But hey, it's hair. It grows back, right. I'm sure my dad will be pleased...I'm almost wondering if he didn't put Jack up to it. :) But my boy will be cute regardless his hair style and I almost feel relief that this event has finally taken place and we survived it.

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