Sunday, February 6, 2011

A very sad day

We had a pretty rough day yesterday. Because Jack decided to cut off a chunk of his own hair the day before we had to finish the job professionally. I'm not really sure what Jack thought when we told him we had to get the rest of his hair cut in order to make his head look normal again but once he realized his hair was no longer going to be long he became very upset.
We attempted to keep it kind of long and shaggy but he had cut his bangs so high up that it still looked ridiculous so we had to go for the full on cut.

And then...tada!!!! Our Jack with the shortest hair he has had since birth! He hates it! In fact hate isn't a strong enough word. He cried and cried and cried yesterday. He keeps saying that his hair is just not growing fast enough. He continually reaches up as if to measure how much has grown every 5 minutes and then tears up once he realizes no progress has been made. We even took him to Chick-fil-a afterwards to try to cheer him up but as soon as we pulled into the parking lot he said that he was going to just stay in the car because he didn't want other humans (yes, humans) to see his short hair. We made him reveal his new look anyways to the nice people of Chik-fil-a but it was a lunch filled with more tears. He even refused to go into the play area because he didn't want other kids to see him. We finally convinced him to go in and he had a good time but the second he remembered he had short hair he would tear up again.

We made it through church today even though Jack refused to go in initially but once everyone started noticing and complimenting him on how grown up he looks and how awesome his hair is he started to brighten up a little more. I think he is starting to like it a little least I'm hoping. My heart is broken that this silly situation has put him in such a sad little state. Who knew 4 year old boys were so sensitive about their hair? If you happen to see Jack please make a huge deal about how awesome he looks with short hair...use the word "awesome" it is way better than cool.

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