Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our snow pics

As everyone snowed... a lot. We spent 30 minutes layering the kids and ourselves with clothing so that we could play outside in the freezing snow for 10 minutes. But pictures make those 10 minutes last a lifetime. (Corney...I know, don't care.)
I'm not quite sure what Addie's face is doing in this picture. Is it a smile, is it a frown, is she growling?
I took this picture of Jack as he was anticipating a rather large snowball being thrown by Daddy.

This picture is definitely a smile. And why is she smiling?....

Because Daddy was running to rescue her and carry her the rest of the way.

Jack's hat was covering his eyes but he still had pretty good aim when throwing his snowballs.

I have to show off Levi's yellow dish gloves. I have to admit as ridiculous as it looks it was a pretty good idea to cover his fabric gloves with these bright rubber ones.

Addie and Daddy made snow angels together. Pretty sweet.

I'm not sure when Levi wrote this but I was going out to my car and I saw this sweet little message written in the snow. I'm kind of loved a little bit.

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