Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines day

We celebrated valentines day the weekend before actual V-Day. It was pretty fantastic...Levi and I took off for the day to do some furniture shopping only to come to the conclusion that furniture is expensive and our car barks so we should probably do some prioritizing before making a big purchase. So despite my disappointment from not coming home with a complete new living room we ended up making the most of our day. Because we never are at home sans kids we decided to take advantage of this opportunity of Nana keeping the kids overnight and instead of spending $100+ at some restaurant we decided to spend 100+ on groceries, go home and spend 2 hours preparing a meal that took us 10 minutes to eat. I know it sounds kind of crazy but it was a blast! We made sushi all by ourselves thanks to ehow.com and I have to say that it compares to our fav sushi restaurants Kenichi and Steel.

And because we could not remember half of the 13 valentines days we have had together I set the camera up to snap a few pictures so that at least we would have some tangible record that this date took place.

Then on the actual valentines day Jack had his cute party at school...

Here he is licking his cup like a cat during the group prayer. Nice.

I took around 30 pictures of them eating while constantly yelling their names and telling them to look at the camera and not once did they both look at the same time. This was the best out of 30.

Addie got stuck in the middle of the easel. Oops.

Okay, Stef, so this is probably the worst picture ever of our two handsome boys but it was the best one I got of them that day.

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