Sunday, March 13, 2011

Something worth remembering

I have no time to sit down and actually blog but I'm doing it anyways because I want to record this insignificant but very defining moment in our lives. Last weekend I cleared our schedule and as a family we practically lived up at our store. I was determined to rearrange the shelves which sounds simple but it was a mess!!! It took a lot of planning and organizing (thank you to my amazing second in command, Jacqui) and then the actual moving of supplements was quite an undertaking to say the least. The kids stayed at my moms the first night and Levi and I (and our friend Ashley who dropped by for some nori and got suckered into staying) spent our date night with the music turned up and vitamins everywhere. We got home somewhere close to 3 Saturday morning and woke up and was back up at the store by 9 am to continue the work. Levi brought the kids sometime that afternoon. We grabbed a bite to eat and then headed back. Levi had the opportunity that whole day to play Mr. Mom and rocked it! He packed the kid's sleeping bags, jammies, juice cups, and laptop and set it all up so that the kids could have a little camp out in our store. The kids just LOVED it! Jack said he didn't want to go home for one hundred hours (which is an eternity for a 4 year old). But there was this moment that evening that I want to remember... I was exhausted (the kind of exhaustion you get when you decide to clean out your closet and you have taken everything out and now it is time to put it all back in and you no longer have that excited drive to do it anymore) and I'm standing in the middle of this store that has always been my Mimi's and is now ours and I look over at my kids who are in their sleeping bags watching Dora and at my husband who is trying his best to organize the "Glandular" section even though he really has no clue what supplement does what and I had this realization that although our life is CRAZY BUSY, we are together, we take the craziness on as a unit, a family. It is nice that when I'm in the middle of chaos I have my family there with me. We tackle it together. I like that and I just want to remember that feeling of togetherness, the feeling that life gets insane but we will be okay because we are all in it together.

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