Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two negatives equal a positive

This past weekend Levi and I finally got a chance to get away for a romantic overnight date. We had attempted this weekend twice already with it falling through each time due to someone getting sick. So we were starting to feel like it would never happen. But alas, it did and it was perfect...but only because it was not so perfect. I've come to learn that it is the imperfections that make me and Levi so perfect for each other. We stayed in this really beautiful hotel, The Stoneleigh and ate at our favorite sushi restaurant, Kenichi (If you go, request tap water and do not order the "fresh wasabi" these two things alone will save you $30 on your bill, we learned the hard way). But even though we were pretending for the night to live this fancy expensive life of no kids and high heels we had this constant reminder of real life and that reminder came in the form of a loud annoying "SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK!" Let me explain:

Earlier this year my Montero started to have some minor issues. We took it to a mechanic and were told that it needed a new engine! Ouch! We really love, well loved, our Montero and weren't financially ready to buy another car (we have a rule that we pay cash only and right now we could only afford a used Neon which didn't really sound appealing). So we got a new engine. We thought it was the right decision. This way we could drive around in our already very used Montero while the kids were young and goldfish and apple juice were still a necessity for longer shopping trips and errand running while saving up for a nicer car where perishables will not be allowed. But then the air conditioning broke. So the Montero went back into the shop...and stayed in the shop. For over 3 months the Montero was being worked on for one reason or another. So after $6,000 and a lot of wasted time the very problem that we had gotten a new engine for still existed and now every time I hit the brake (and sometime when I don't) my car goes, "SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK!" loudly. So loud that people around me look at me. We have been told by two mechanics that this problem is going to cost another$2,000 to fix but the Montero is still completely safe to drive...just annoying. So I have swallowed all my pride, not that there ever was a lot considering the Montero is missing part of the front fender and has a huge dent in the side, and I drive the Montero despite the weird looks. Stefanie says it sounds like a turkey gobble. Well, Happy Thanksgiving.

So back to our date night...Here we are at a hotel where you have to valet and we pull up with our gobbling SUV...not cool, very embarrassing. One valet guy, whom I'm guessing probably drives that used Neon we could afford, actually made a comment about our car being the squeeky car when Levi called down to have it brought up so we could go to dinner. But for some reason because Levi and I both shared this embarrassment together it all of a sudden became the funniest thing and not so embarrassing anymore. We laughed all night long about the ridiculousness of our situation and I can think of only a few things I like better than laughing with Levi. So whatever, we may drive the most embarrassing car and we may not fit into the fancy social scene of uptown Dallas but we work, our marriage works, we have fun and we laugh together and I kind of think that all of that is well worth the weird looks.

Levi Pope, there isn't anyone on this planet I would rather be embarrassed with more. You make me smile all the time and I love the squeeky, not so perfect life we have together.

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