Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Soccer Mom

It has happened. I'm a soccer mom. It is kind of surreal. For some reason when I had Jack I felt like this stage was soooo far away. I imagined that by the time Jack would be wearing a uniform I would be wearing frontbutt jeans and driving a Volvo. But thank goodness that hasn't happened yet...I would take a Volvo right now though. (We won't get into the car issue today.) And after last Saturday I have also realized that not only am I a soccer mom but I am kind of one of those crazy soccer moms that screams a lot...even at games where the score isn't even kept. But I love this new role. I love cheering for my kid. I love packing snacks for the team. I love dressing Addie in her Hawks cheerleading outfit, now officially complete with the orange pompoms that I bought last night. I love Jack's smile when he is running around chasing a ball or the kid on his team. I love making friends with the other crazy soccer moms. I love laughing with my family about Jack's super moves. I love it all. I think I was made for be a soccer mom.
I couldn't get either kid to look my direction so this is the best picture out of the 20 that I took of the two of them together. Maybe I'll get a better one this Saturday or the next or the next or the next.
This is what happens after 20 pictures are snapped and Mom isn't willing to give up trying to get the perfect one...absolute meltdown.

Missy wouldn't not smile all morning for a picture. It probably didn't help that she had a runny nose. Poor baby.

This is Jack and his buddy Landon before the game. Landon is our star player. I love to watch him play because he is really into it and if he can't get to the ball he will just kick whoever is closest in the shins. I know, it sounds kind of painful for the other kid but that is what shin guards are for. It is really funny to watch.
Jack's cousin Rylan played before we did. I snapped this pic between games. I think it is so cute. It looks like Jack is trying to give Rylan advice. So funny.

These are the all their orange glory. Next year we are pulling for a team that wears blue or even red. Orange is just sooooo well, orange.

This is just one of Jack's super hero moves. Where he lacks skill he makes up for with flare.

I love this picture because it represents Jack throughout the whole game. He wore this huge grin on his sweet face the entire time. Even though we lost (the ref may not have kept score but I sure did) he loved every second and had sooooo much fun.

He also made a girlfriend. In fact, he spent most of his time making friends with the other team and ref. It was pretty cute.

Good game....even if we lost.

Our star player. We have got to work on his "cheese" smile.

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