Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cute spurts

It seems like we go through times where nothing interesting happens and then there are these little spurts where every time I turn around the kids are being so stinkin cute that I'm running for my camera. This last week was one of those little spurts.

The kids have gotten bored with all the millions of toys, video games, movies, books, games, and shows that are available to them and they broke out my Christmas dishes and had a tea party. I'll admit I helped. In fact, I tried to show them how to properly set the table for tea but they decided it was way more fun to try to pile all of the dishes onto the coffee table. I was pretty shocked but they played tea party for over an hour. It was well worth the anxiety of worrying about them breaking a dish.

Then last Saturday Jack had 2 big soccer games during Fun Fest in which we were asked to bring a baked good. I love to cook but baking isn't really my thing. But I wanted to make it fun since it was our Friday night activity (yes, we live very exciting lives). So we made cake pops. I found the idea on the website, Our's didn't really turn out as pretty as the website's but they were a lot of fun to make...even Levi got in on the fun. They ended up tasting really yummy but you can't go wrong with cake mixed with icing, dipped in chocolate, dipped again in white chocolate, and then sprinkled with love...and sprinkles.
Jack ate more than he sprinkled. And I just realized that my kid's germs were probably all over those sprinkles since they were eating as much as they were sprinkling. Oops.
This is the only picture I got of Addie and I hate putting it in here because she kind of looks like a deer in headlights. She was probably getting in trouble.

Our fall sprinkles.

The finished product. As Addie would say...TaDa!

Then just a couple of days ago I walked into my bedroom to find this...
Addie had gotten my mascara and hid on the far side of my bed and proceeded to apply it to her optical ended up mostly on her nose. She thought she was so pretty that I couldn't get on to her. So I snapped some pictures instead.

We will work on our makeup application in a few years.
And then to close I have a funny story about my sweet boy Jack. This is a conversation we had on the way home from swimming lessons.
Me: "Jack, when we get home we are going to put on our jammies and go straight to bed."
Jack: "Okay, I'll put on my jammies, watch a tv show and go straight to bed."
Me: "No tv show, just bed."
Jack: "But I'll run away." (It is his newest threat. It's getting old.)
Me: "Jackson, what did I tell you about saying that?"
Jack: "Not to. But if you don't let me watch my tv show I'll run away."
Me: "Jackson Miller! When you say that you are going to run away it is disrespectful to Mommy, Daddy and God. God chose to put you in our home with Mommy and Daddy and by saying that you are going to run away you are saying that God made a bad choice, and God always makes the best choice. God doesn't like it when we run away. Remember when Jonah ran away...he got swallowed by a whale."
Jack: "But Momma...there aren't any whales in Texas."

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