Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Addie's 1st year pics

So here are Addie's 1st year pictures from her latest photoshoot done by David Cheney. We actually did these over a month early so she is really about 10 months and 1 week old but nothing has really changed much since then, although her hair is much curlier now...but I think that is caused by all this rain!

Her birthday party is this Sunday and I have finally given up on the dream party. I always have grand plans but when I actually set out to accomplish them I realize I have no time, energy or talent to do so. But that is okay because I am the only one that even cares...and even I don't care any more. Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can extend the party to the back yard or at least the deck. So far the hardest thing about planning this party is having to limit myself. My cousin, Stefanie, and I have made several trips to Hobby Lobby(she has also been party planning for her daughter, Lorelei, who turned one yesterday...Happy Birthday little L!) and I have the hardest time turning down things like pink feathers, crazy glitter flowers, and basically anything pink. I'm really looking forward to the party but mostly I'm looking forward to about 4 hours after the party when I'm in bed and I know I have a full 6 months before I have to throw another one. At least my brain will have room to start planning for Christmas now. YIKES!!! Check back next week and hopefully I'll have birthday party pics posted.

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