Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hot dog buns for breakfast

I am alive...barely, but alive. It happened, I got the flu. But not only did I get the flu but so did Jack and Addie, leaving Levi to take care of all 3 of us all by himself. And I have to brag on my husband for a second. He really rocks at the whole stay at home dad thing. He kept the house clean, the kids and myself clean and fed (even if the kids did eat hot dog buns for breakfast), and was the best nurse (tied with my Momma) that I could have asked for. He walked around with the thermometer scanning all of our foreheads constantly and keeping track of when everyone gets their next dose of whatever. I was the biggest wimp of all and we couldn't get my fever to stay down so I just ached all over, but my sweet, sweet husband stayed up most the night with me and rubbed my back, feet, and hands all night long. Then in the morning, when I was finally asleep, he would get up with the kids at the crack of dawn and take care of them. Today he is back at work and I know he is overwhelmed with emails and deadlines, plus he still has to go to school tonight. Needless to say, my husband is an awesome, self-sacrificing man and I am blessed everyday by him.

So because we were all sick we had to cancel Addie's birthday party. Let me just say that sending out all those emails was so depressing! I had decorated for it 5 days earlier and had everything ready. I just wanted to watch my little girl eat her cake, tear open her presents, and feel loved by all her family and friends. But we have rescheduled for this Sunday. So now I've got to literally scrub and Lysol my house from top to bottom. I imagine my house will sparkle like cartoons do when they want to show that something is clean. So now would be the time to buy stock in Lysol's company because I'm about to buy up every bottle.

One thing that is nice about being sick is the constant reminder of how much you are loved. I think our phone rang nonstop with our friends and family calling to check on us and offering to run errands or bring us something. How blessed we are...even when we feel like crap! ;)

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  1. Jeff had it last week too and Landree got sick for 4 days. Praise the Lord-I was only sick one day and Hudson didn't get it! Glad you're feeling better. Can't wait to see party pics!