Monday, November 16, 2009

Addie's Brithday Party...Finally

I finally got a second to post these pictures of Addie's birthday party. I have to admit that I stressed way too much over this event. Most of my stress came from the fact that I had ordered this cake for the original birthday party date but when we all got the flu and had to cancel I was stuck with a fairly expensive cake and no one to eat it or even see it. So I took a million pictures of it, wrapped it in saran wrap and stuck it in my fridge praying that it would not sag, sweat, or fall apart like all the experts were saying it would. Amazingly this miracle cake stayed looking beautiful for a whole week and ended up tasting pretty yummy too (at least that is what everyone said.) I felt bad for feeding everyone week old cake but you do what you've got to do.

Picture taken on the original day of the party.

The desert buffet.

I stupidly hot glued this boa to Addie's high chair and I am still plucking feathers off of it.

These cookies were so much fun to make. I got to put all my high school experience of doodling to work.

Party favor table.

I found these little party favors on Etsy. They are individually wrapped packages of sidewalk paint. We tried them out the day after the party and they were really bright and showed up great on our driveway. I plan to order the larger sizes for my kids this summer.

Mommy, Addie and Daddy before the party.

Kisses for the birthday girl!

My hope was that Addie would be walking by her party because her little pettiskirt is just so pretty when she is standing...but she chose to wait until literally the day after the party to take her first steps.

Jack and Dakota hanging out on the tractor doing boy stuff.

Addie and Avery on our merry-go-round doing girl stuff.

What am I going to do about that thumb?

Sweet girl! Of course she has her Cuddles!

Mommy, Addie, and Cuddles

Addie with her Uncle Matt and his beautiful girlfriend Brittney.

Pretty Lorelei walking like a big girl.

All the boys hung out on the merry-go-round. Apparently there was too much pink inside the house.

A precious moment captured between Addie Grace and her Pop. Love this!

I know this part of the party stinks because everyone has to just sit around and watch me open up a gazillion presents. Kids parties are only fun for the mommies I think.

My beautiful niece, Haley helping me unwrap all of Addie's gifts since Addie wasn't interested.

So many gifts! Thank you everyone!

Jack was so excited to be getting new fact he plays with her new gifts more than she does.

Addie pushing around her new Bitty Baby. She's going to be such a good little mommy someday.

Little missy wasn't too sure about all the people crowding around her and singing. She looks so scared. Poor baby!

She didn't care for her cake. She tried a few bites but wouldn't ever dig into it. I was a little disappointed because a pile of cake and icing smeared cheeks always make cute pictures. Oh well.

After the party was over Addie decided to become interested in her presents. (Look at that cute smudge of Cheetos on her cheek. So adorable.)

This is my favorite thing from the party because it is sweet notes from all our friends and family to Addie on her special day. Everyone groaned a little when I made the announcement that I wanted them to spontaneously come up with meaningful words to be put on paper and treasured forever but I really love that we have these special notes of love. They really will be treasured forever

Happy birthday Addie Grace! You are my joy and I love being your mommy. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to paint a whole room pink, buy every bow I see, play with dolls, go crazy with for anything with ruffles, and dress you up in tutus and fairy wings. I look forward to fixing your boo boos, painting your fingernails, dressing up barbies, hearing about first crushes, having long talks, baking with you in the kitchen, having a shopping buddy when the boys do their guy thing, laughing hysterically over nothing,watching you graduate, buying your wedding dress, holding your babies, wiping your tears, sharing coffee, catching chick flicks, and basically watching you embrace this amazing life our God has given you. I love you my little Love Bug forever and ever.

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