Sunday, October 18, 2009

My super kids

At a very young age we convinced Jack that he had super powers. It was my way of getting him to take his vitamins because that is one of the sources of super powers along with eating fruits and veggies. The concept of super powers also helped us explain God and Jesus in terms he understood. For example, God gives us super powers such as courage when we ask Him through prayer and Jesus had super powers to heal sick people. It has also comes in handy when he needs to do something and he doesn't want to such as putting his clothes in the laundry. I just tell him to use his super powers and do it super fast and all of a sudden he has a mission and the clothes get put in the hamper. But this super powers idea has also led to a few problems. The main one being that my sweet little boy thinks he is invincible. His favorite game is jumping off our bed onto a pile of pillows. But he doesn't do this cautiously AT ALL. He starts at the headboard and runs to the end and then leaps off as if he could fly. I'm a little concerned that he may really think he can fly because the other day he asked me when Addie Grace (that is what he calls her) is going to learn how to fly. Hmmm...I think we need to have a serious talk about his human limitations soon.

Addie has acquired her very own super power lately and it is about as terrifying as flying. My baby girl is climbing on everything. She can literally scale anything. Levi found her just sitting on our bed the other day which is amazing and horrific at the same time considering the height of our bed. She is constantly climbing onto their table in the playroom and into their play sink in the kitchen set. She will also climb into every bucket, basket, truck, and tote that she can fit into and then find herself stuck. She doesn't seem to care much or has no short term memory because as soon as I pull her out she is climbing right back in again. She has no desire to walk and I'm afraid she is going to soon be overdeveloped in her upper body but then have these little stringy legs because they don't get any use. I'm just kidding of course but it is kind of funny to picture her with huge arm muscles.

This was Jack teaching his cousin, Rylan, how to fly. Sorry Stef. =)

Jack had made up silly names for all his different flying poses. This was called Crazy Chicken.

I'm still not really sure how she gets up here...maybe she uses the shelves?

Addie climbs into Jack's Tonka truck and Jack pushes her all around. They have so much fun!
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