Saturday, July 16, 2011

South Walton, FL 2011

We once again headed to Florida for our summer vacation but this time we went with some of our best friends, Jae and Anna Stutzman and their three boys, Nathaniel, Caleb, and Evan. I have to say that this vacation has managed to kick last year's vacation's butt! It was an absolutely perfect week and I wouldn't change a thing!

Levi had taken off the Friday before we were supposed to head out so that we could get everything organized and packed. But instead we decided on Thursday night to leave Friday morning and visit New Orleans for the first night. So instead of being all tidy and organized, we threw everything in the car and set out!

We had breakfast is a neat little cafe in the French Quarter and enjoyed our morning driving through the Warehouse district.

The architecture was so unique and beautiful and there were these hidden fountains and patios in the middle of buildings.

After taking the scenic route to Florida...which meant extra "Are we there yet?"s...we finally rolled into the driveway of our new home for the next week.

Living room and Kitchen

The kid's room.

Pool. Obviously.

Jack learned how to swim without his floaties on this trip and he loved being able to jump into the pool completely free...although his landings were a little painful to watch.

On the Fourth of July we were too sunburned and exhausted from the beach to go back immediately so Levi and I took our two kiddos to Panama City Beach for some shopping and carnival rides.

Addie fell asleep in the booth at the restaurant.

Jack wanted to do the bungee thing again this year. Addie was big enough this year to do it and seemed really excited for her turn until...

her turn came around and then it was all too scary for baby girl so we will just try again next year.

We met the Stutzmans back at the house for hotdogs and hamburgers and then headed to Seaside for fireworks!

Everyone had a lot of fun getting to play in the ocean as the sun set.

Anna found a pink jellyfish with no stingers.

The next day we were back at the beach. And the day after that and after that and so on...

Caleb is such a cutie and I loved taking pictures of all the neat sea creatures he found.

Addie would play for a while and once she started feeling tired she would grab Cuddles, climb into the chair and fall right to sleep.

This is my awesome sand castle. The picture doesn't do it justice. I was very proud of my hard work.

All the boys were little maniacs out in the ocean. The two little boys would just jump the waves for hours as if it was nothing.

Thank you Anna for taking this picture so that there is proof that I actually went on vacation with my family.

Addie loved jumping the waves too.

Jack's little face got soooo sunburned and blistered but he never complained.

On our last evening together we dressed up and went back to the beach to take some family pictures.

I love this picture! And I love this family!

Evan is the sweetest little boy with such a kind heart and spirit and I am so glad that Jack has such a good little person as his friend.

Nathaniel was too old to hang out the the little kids much but we enjoyed having him hang out with us grownups.

All five kids got along so great together. We really had a great time being one big family for the week and Jack and Addie loved having 3 more brothers!

Sometimes Addie makes these faces that just blow me away!

I am completely in love with the two boys.

This vacation will always be special to all of us not because of the beach and ocean but because of the most amazing family we got to share it with. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and to be able to share such beautiful memories together.

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