Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Easter weekend was busy for us as it is for most families. We had several events to attend, ate more hamburgers and hotdogs than anyone should ingest in a 48 hour period, and enjoyed the excitement on our children's faces as they opened each brightly colored plastic egg to find a special treat that never dissapointed. Our first stop for Easter was the Lawson's house, or the "GIRLS HOUSE" as Jack and Addie call it. Our church had its Easter celebration in the Lawson's beautiful backyard which is conveinent for us considering it touches our backyard.

Despite the fact that I am deathly allergic to cats my children still insist on loving all over this sweet, purring death machine.
Addie pretty much planted herself in the volleyball sandcourt...which was just lovely considering we still had dinner at my parents to attend.

Yay Yay (Haley) was there. Jack was thrilled.

Then the Easter egg hunts began...

Cindy, our children's director, had thought of everything and had a fun relay race planned for the kids.

Poor Jack. He is alway having to pull his pants up! His legs are too long for a smaller size and his waist is way to skinny for anything bigger.

After church and naptime on Sunday we headed out to the Popes. We had so much fun and really enjoyed our time together.

Addie and Madi...such beautiful girlfriends and cousins.

I love this picture because it not only has the most beautiful children ever in it but also because Haley is the only one looking at the camera. That girl will stop dead in her tracks if she sees a camera and will straighten her back and smile her beautiful smile.

And we're off...

Sometimes I look at different pictures I've taken and I'm amazed at how much my little guy has grown. He looks like a little grown up in the picture to me.

After the hunt the kids sat down to see all the treasures they had collected.

Then it was time to put on our playclothes and play ball!

Haley, who has never played t-ball was a natural.

How cute is that little tongue!

Jack concentrates very hard when he prepares to throw the ball.

The little girls had plans other than t-ball...

Miece, I think we need a pink Barbie Jeep for these girls.

This is officially my first posting of my newest first nephew, Ethan David Pope. He is such a sweet baby and I soaked up all the baby smells and loving I could get during our time together. You can't tell from this picture but his hair is in a mohawk...It is sooooo stinkin cute!

Addie took a short break from the fourwheelers to play with bubbles...

But didn't pass up a chance to ride with her favorite guy.

We enjoyed the rest of our evening sans camera due to the fact that my arms were full of a handsome sleeping baby.

Before Easter the kids and I spent a wonderful afternoon with our Mimi and Grandy. Jack took off with Grandy to see the baby colts so I didn't get to snap any pictures of him but I got some really beautiful shots of Miss Addie Grace in her Mimi's beautiful garden.

Checking for baby birds.

After cutting asparagus Addie wanted some lettuce too. (BTW-I am aware that fuzzy crocs are not the prettiest shoe to go with her little blue dress but I didn't want to get her white sandles dirty.)

This is the most beautiful gate for pictures.

Such a cute little face!

Mimi was gathering Addie a sweet little bouqet.

What a sweet day it was to spend with my grandparents and my children.

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