Thursday, April 14, 2011


My sweet guy turned 5 this month and it might as well have been 35 because he thinks he is all grown up now. Apparently 5 is the pinnacle of aging and you are able to accomplish anything when you turn 5 years least according to Jack. He woke up on the day of his birthday and announced to those of us still sleeping soundly that he was now officially 5 but he looked in the mirror and he wasn't any taller! He was quite disappointed. But he soon got over that once we reminded him his party was later that day!

Happy birthday Jackson Miller. You are super cool and I love everything about you. You have the most amazing imagination and can turn any boring object into entertainment for hours. You have the absolute best laugh ever!!!! It is one of my most favorite sounds. You and your sister have such a sweet relationship and you are the very best big brother. I love how protective, kind, helpful, affectionate, patient, and loving you are with Addie. You are such a big help to me me. I love that you honestly believe you have super powers. I even love that you still suck your thumb when you are tired...although that has to stop soon. You say the funniest things and give me and Daddy so many good laughs. I love to hear you talk to God. Don't ever stop. I love to watch you make friends with any random kid that happens to be within a 10 yard radius. You are such a sweet friendly little guy and nobody can resist your smile. You truly are a "different kind of person." You bring me so much joy every day and I can't believe you are growing up so fast. I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

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