Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let me catch you up...

I am starting to get critisized for the lack of attention I have spent on my blog this summer but I have to admit is was kind of freeing to leave the camera at home and just play. But I have picked my camera up once again and should be updating the blog more regularly now that life is once again about calendars, to do list, practices, school, etc. But for now here is a recap of our least what I have pictures of.

Jack finished Pre-K and graduated from Wesley United Methodist Kinderconnections.

I just realized that the shirt he wore for the last day of school was the shirt I put him in today for the first day of Kindergarten! Haha! Oh well.

Jack and friends waiting to walk to the stage on graduation day.

Last school picture of Jack and Rylan. :(

Addie had her big moment as well. She performed in Studio A's Dancing Thru the Decades recital! And perform she did! She loves the stage and despite the huge audience and bright lights Addie put on a show...not the dance they had practiced but her own artisic form of it. I have to say that it was one of the greatest and proudest moments of my life!

This is Addie and all her ballet girlfriends at recital practice.

I know my 2 year old daughter looks like a clown in this picture but it was right before the recital and she had to wear a TON of makeup.

All the little ballerinas were waiting for their turn on stage.

I'm not sure if these pictures can be posted but I'll give credit to the photographer,, just in case.

Addie's cousins were staying with Miece and Pop the weekend of the recital so we kidnapped them for the evening and played at the Harbor to celebrate a crazy week of graduation and ballet recital.

Madi didn't think twice before running into the water and soaking herself!

Beautiful Haley always manages to know when to smile for the camera.

Jack is looking pretty awesome with his tatoo.

Miss Priss wouldn't get wet but kind of danced around the sprinkles.

We sat and watched the performance once everyone was changed into dry clothes. At the end of the show the performers came into the audience and grabbed the children and took them back up to the stage to dance. All the kids had a blast and loved it!

We started T-ball at some point...I can't remember if it was before school or after school but it was hot regardless. Jack's team was the River Bandits and we all got to sport our matching thick black t-shirts while doing our best to not die of heatstroke.

Princess camp came later in the summer. And I was super impressed with Studio A and all the effort that was obviously put into it. After a week of classes, Addie got to dress up as a princess and perform her dances and then have a princess party. It was pretty much the most adorable thing ever!

Addie posing with one of her teachers, Ms. Rachel.

This picture is one of many to come in the future because Leilei starts ballet with us this year!!!! YAY!!!

Addie Grace is really concentrating on the dance moves.

At the close of the summer we had our church baptism at Ja-lu pool. It is a fun celebration and the kids always look forward to it. This year Kim Cartier took some amazing pictures and shared a few of them with me. She is an incredible photographer and I cannot wait to get her to take some family pictures for us!!

In case you are wondering where the rest of Addie's bathing suit is...the strap had broke as we pulled into the parking lot so we just decided baby boobies were going to have to just show. It was better than the alternative meltdown from having to run home for a different bathing suit.

Now that I'm at the end of my post I just realized I still have pictures from Jack's 1st sleepover on my camera. So stay tuned there is more to come. Plus school pictures will be posted soon as well.

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