Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sometimes I'm a cool mom

I have mixed feelings about summer coming to an end. I love the structure we keep during the school year. I love laying out clothes the night before, getting to bed on time, packing lunches, and just being on a schedule. But during the summer I also love having the freedom to let the kids stay up and watch one more episode of Jimmy Neutron (which by the way, is the most awesome cartoon in the whole wide world!), counting swimming as bath time and eating chips, dip, and chocolate chip cookies for dinner. But alas, here we are back to structure and schedules. So I thought I would let the kids have one last real good summer day without worrying about naptime, staying clean, eating healthy and just have FUN! I suggested that the kids go play in the mud. Jack thought this was the coolest idea ever. Don't get me wrong, he has played in the mud plenty of times but never at Mom's suggestion so this was extra cool mud time. Addie was just excited because Jack was excited and ran around the house yelling, "Addie! Mud! Addie! Mud!" So we get into our bathing suits, turn on the sprinkler, and I just wait for the mud throwing to begin. But it doesn't...

Both of the kids just tip toe around as if the mud is going to explode at any moment. Addie tasted a little but then was done with it. Jack was so worried about getting his swim trunks muddy. SERIOUSLY???? Are these my kids? I don't know if it was because the whole thing was my suggestion that threw them off or what but they were not feeling it...yet.

So I had to do the only thing any good parent would do when their kids need a little encouragement. I picked up a huge glob of mud and threw it right into Jack's perfectly clean swim trunks. Then smeared it all over Addie. That got them motivated and by the end of the afternoon we were covered. Everywhere. Literally. But it was soooooo worth the hour long group shower because Jack came and gave me a big disgusting hug not caring that he was rubbing his face into the mud on my tummy and said, "Momma, I just love you. " That little boy just melts my heart!

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