Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Little Ballerina

Addie started ballet last week and it was the CUTEST THING EVER!!!!! She is a little young (it is a 2 year old class and Addie doesn't turn 2 until the very end of October) but she did soooo good! I knew she would love it because she is always dancing, clapping, twirling, singing, and hopping but I was worried that she would be nervous to leave me and go to her class since the only time we are apart is for less than an hour on Sunday mornings. But she couldn't have cared less about leaving me. She just turned and followed all of the very cute and teeny ballerinas right into their studio. Ms. Ashli asked that we not watch from the window because it may be distracting so all of us proud parents gathered around the tv in the lobby keeping our fingers crossed that our little girls would do the moves and not go running for the door the minute they realized Mommy was no where to be seen. Jack was with me and every time it would be Addie's turn to point her toes, hop, walk with the princess wand, or twirl, he would get so excited for her. He was such a proud big brother. I thought my heart would explode out of my chest because I just love the way Jack dotes on his little sis. But who wouldn't really? She is absolutely the most adorable little ballerina ever! (At least we think so.)
I tried to snap a few pictures before we left for ballet class but she was so excited I only got a couple.
Here she is showing us her moves.
Jack snapped one of me and my little dancer.
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There she goes walking to her class like a big girl.

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