Friday, August 20, 2010

My Important List

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A while back I was washing dishes and I noticed this sweet little message written in the sand. We had brought a plastic bottle full of Destin sand home and it had moisture in it so I had poured it into a bowl and sat it in the widow to dry out. Levi was in Arizona when I saw his handiwork and it made my day. I was smiling like an idiot all day long. Which then got me thinking. I seem to take for granted so many of the beautiful blessings God has for me because I am too busy to stop and read the writing in the sand. So I started making a list of all the things that make me happy. Here is what I have so far, in no particular order...
1. Sweet messages that Levi leaves around the house. I have a lipstick "I love you" on the mirror in the bathroom that I refuse to clean away. It is probably stained there by now anyways.
2. Coloring with Addie.
3.Touching foots with Jack
4.When Levi calls me Beautiful or Darling (sounds more like Darlin).
5. When Levi calls Addie Beautiful or Darling.
6. Family dinner nights at my Dad's with my siblings.
7. When Jack tells me he loves me bunches and bunches and bunches.
8. Addie's perfect little mouth.
9. Waking up during the night and feeling Levi's foot always touching mine.
10. Every time I pull into work and Mom's giant black truck is waiting in the parking lot to help me bring in the kids and our loads of stuff.
11. Netflix
12. Levi, Jack and Addie's puffy eyes in the morning.
13. Text messages from Levi
14. Talking on the phone to Stef while our kids tear our houses apart in the background.
15. Cooking
16. The 23 minutes of complete "me time" during an episode of Wonderpets.
17. Watching Addie in ballet class.
18. Reading back through my prayer journal
19.Going for long drives with Levi.
20.When Jack holds Addie's hand.
21. Sitting in our big chair with a good book and hot green tea.
22. Jack's laugh.
23. Addie's laugh.
24. When Levi tells me about his day and tries to dummy down the programming speak so that I can understand.
25. Coffee with my sister.
26. My planner.
27. When my Mimi passes down her magazines.
28. When Jack says, "That's amazing!" about anything.
29. The way Addie says, "No." It almost comes out as two syllables and ends with her lips in a pucker.
30. The way Addie says, "Cockadoodledoo."
31. Jack's super hero moves.
32. When the kids are napping and the house has been put back together.
33. My store.
34. My "I love you" mug that mom gave me when I moved out.
35. Our home.
36. Putting together big puzzles with Jack.
37. Going out to eat for breakfast.
38. Uncle Matt.
39. Painting Addie's toenails.
40. Playing hide and go seek.
41. Getting mail.
42. Jack's hair.
43. Running.
44. Date nights that aren't over until the next day.
45. Addie's blue eyes.
46. Soup
47. The chalkboard in my kitchen.
48. Doing laundry while watching a movie.
49. When Levi kisses my forehead or my temple.
50. Jack's imagination.
51. The movie "Nothing to Lose."
52. The perfect smell of the mountains in summer.
53. Levi's grilled cheese sandwiches.
54. Anyone with the last name of Lawson
55. Listening to Jack tell anybody who will listen that his JoJo has a baby in her tummy and he is going to see the baby when the doctor takes him out at the hospital.
56. Coffee with cream and sugar.
57. Living next door to my parents.
58. Getting cuddly with Jack.
59. Addie's Cuddles
60. My every day dishes.
61. Addie's curls.
62. Cut flowers in the bud vases from Levi's Nannie's house.
This could go on and on but I have to say that making this short little list helps me keep my priorities in check. When I start to freak out because I feel like I have no clothes in my closet that is in fact full of clothes or when I grind my teeth every time my stupid check engine light comes on in my very old yet paid for Montero I just think about this list and remember that these are the things that are important. These things bring true happiness. These things are my world.

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