Saturday, September 11, 2010

The beautiful wedding of my super beautiful baby sis.

I promised wedding pictures and finally, here they are...

Laci and her bridal party. I look a little spacey but the other girls are so beautiful!!!!

Addie wanted to wear some makeup too! And apparently show off her baby boobies.

For some reason this picture uploaded super small, but my baby sis looks absolutely beautiful in it.

My new brother-in-law.

My little sweeties. They did so good.

Daddy and Laci.

The ceremony.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Chung.

So sweet!

Addie kept puffing up her cheeks for some reason.

Jack can't keep his eyes off the camera.

Our family.

Wedding Party

Love this!

And this.

I stuck this one in here because it is such a cute idea. Instead of a guest book, Laci bought this pretty address keeper and had everyone write all their info down.

This isn't the most beautiful picture but I had to put it in here because I can tell from the expression on my sister's face that she is saying, "Ha Jess, I told you I was going to eat at my wedding. Naner naner boo boo!" She and I had a mini disagreement over whether or not she would actually eat at her own wedding...she won.

Hmmm...I am a little bit in love.

The toast...glad that is over with.

Laci and Peter snuck out for some private time in the gazebo...well not so private.

This was such a sweet moment...the kind every girl hopes for. We are so lucky to have such a loving Daddy.


I cried all night long!!!! But right before Laci and Peter left I got to have a few minutes with Laci alone and that really got the tears rolling.

I love Laci's if she was really surprised we were throwing roses at her.

Off to the honeymoon!

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