Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to School

I'm a little late in posting Jack's 1st day of school pics. They aren't very good because the kids had messed with the settings on my camera and I didn't notice until I uploaded the pictures. Plus the kids weren't in a very photographic mood. Jack was too excited to get to class and Addie was being a diva and refused to let me pick out her outfit and insisted on wearing her sunglasses and a headband with a huge poof on the side. Oh well...

This is in front of the school.

Jack walked in all by himself. I followed of course but only to take pictures and get a kiss.

I made Jack pose with some of his friends. This is Landon. Landon is actually on our soccer team so there will be more pictures of him to come.

Jack posing by his cubby.

Sniff. This is Jack and Rylan's last year in school together. Next year they will go their seperate ways and be big boys all alone in Kindergarten. So sad.

Evan joined the picture fun. I love all these boys. It is so much fun to be "Jack's mom."

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