Saturday, May 1, 2010

My baby sister is getting married this June and today was her bridal shower. I had so much fun planning this shower but when it came down to actually following through with all my plans I was a little overwhelmed. So I have to give a small shout out to my very best friends Joanne and Ashley for working their little tails off along side me the night before. I couldn't ask for better friends! I love you girls so much! And I also need to give major credit to Laci's future mother-in-law, Lucy. She made half of the dishes and provided the cake. Laci is sooooo blessed to have such a beautiful person in her life.

For the shower I went with the theme, "Something Blue" and made everything coordinate with the Tiffany Blue color. We had a champagne brunch which is always fun when you have a bunch of women together giggling after a couple sips of their orange juice. Laci got so many amazing gifts, Kitchen Aid Standing Mixer, Cuisinart Food Processor, Copper pots and pans, Lenox China and towels, 600 thread count sheets, and more! In fact, they are all still piled up on my dining room table and I may just have to go through all of it again before bed and just drool. I think, at least hope, that Laci was pleased with her shower. Now on to the planning the lingerie shower and bachelorette party!!!!

Dear Laci,
I cannot believe my baby sister is getting married! But I have to admit that today you all of a sudden seemed grown up. You looked gorgeous today, absolutely beautiful, stunning. I love who you are...the baby, my sister, my friend. I love that I have a girlfriend that comes over first thing in the morning when neither of us have makeup on (except for whatever is leftover from the day before), when my house is a mess, when my kids are crazy and just sits and has a cup of coffee with me with no other intentions except to just be together.
Marriage is crazy, beautiful, safe, fun, annoying, silly, exciting, passionate, boring, hard, easy, amazing, fast, slow, and so so so worth the work. I am looking forward to watching you continue to shine in your new role as a wife. I love that you have this sweet old-fashioned Julia Child type picture of being of wife and being married. Don't let anyone tell you that it doesn't really look that can if you want it to. You and Peter have so much ahead of you and I look forward to having dinner at your first home together, helping you pick out nursery colors for your babies (triplets according to the bows broke at the shower) and drinking coffee while your crazy kids run around and your house is a mess. I love you little sis and I am so very proud of the beautiful woman you are and wife you soon will be.

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