Monday, May 3, 2010

Countdown to Graduation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is it people!!!! The last week of Levi's grad school!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the time Levi comes home from work on Friday he will have completed all requirements for his masters. YAY!!! This is so huge for us. Levi has been taking classes at SMU for 5 years now and four of those were with kids. It feels like yesterday that we were discussing him going for his masters and 5 years seemed like such a long time. I mean, at that time we didn't even have kids and when we imagined where would be at graduation we hoped we would have kids but that was just crazy to think we would ever be parents. But here we are with two kiddos and Levi will officially graduate next Saturday. I am forcing him to walk at graduation. I need that closure. I need to see it completed. Because although he is the one that went to class, did the homework, and took the tests, it was still a huge burden for me as well. It meant doing a lot of the parenting alone because Daddy was holed up in the office, suffering through proofing his technical writing (we are talking sometimes 50 pages of program speak), being understanding when the trash didn't get taken or the yard didn't get mowed, and the hardest of all...watching my laid-back husband turn into a stressed out crazy man.
This last semester was the absolute worst! We literally only made it through by continuing to remind each other of the very near approaching countdown to graduation. But here we are with 12 days till graduation and 4 until grades are turned in. It is just crazy that it is here. I'm a little nervous about the changes it will or will not bring. By that I just mean that we have never functioned as a family where Levi hasn't been in school so it is just what we know, what we have grown accustomed and comfortable with. And I am also worried that nothing really will change. That life will still be insane but that we will no longer have a countdown, nothing to say, "okay, this craziness will all be over when... ."
But through it all we did it together. And I am so proud of that. I have to be the proudest wife in the whole wide world. Levi never brags about himself. In fact, he is super hard on himself. But I have no problem bragging on him. He somehow manages to continue to impress his bosses and take on more and more responsibility at work, makes practically perfect grades at SMU, spends time with his grandmother every week, finds time to play a few levels of Mario with Jack and rock Addie before bed, and still seems to adore me even though I know I have been less than adorable lately. I don't know how he does it. Even though I try to help in every way possible I still don't see how he juggles it all. He is amazing. My hero. My love. My best friend. My Levi.

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