Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This can't be normal

Lately I have had to lay down with Jack at nap time so that he will actually calm down and go to sleep...otherwise he manages to pretend his bed is a spaceship or fishing boat and therefore keeps himself too occupied to think about sleeping. So about 3 weeks ago we were laying is his bed and I was trying to pretend to be asleep while he was wiggling and squirming all over the place. My eyes were closed but I could feel him looking at me. I opened my eyes and there were his big brown droopy little puppy eyes staring at me from less than two inches away.

"Momma, let's touch foots," he says. "

"Fine, Jack. Go to sleep."

"But you have to take your socks off. I need to feel your foots."

So I take off my sock and Jack snuggles down in the bed finding my foot with his and within minutes he is asleep.

This has now become our routine at nap time. He refuses to fall asleep unless our "foots" are touching. But a few days ago I wasn't able to lay down with him for very long and when I got up he was still wide awake. I explained he was going to have to fall asleep without me and if he didn't he couldn't play his video games (that's right my 3 year old is a video game junkie...I blame his dad.)

"But Momma, (in the most pathetic voice that melts your heart) I need to feel your foots."

"Sorry Buddy. Not today. Here, touch Cuddles with your feet." (yes, Jack has a Cuddles too...he's blue.) I stuck his Cuddles under the covers and got his feet situated.

"No Momma. I need something cold and smooth...like your foots." So I glanced around the room and grabbed the first smooth thing I saw...a lotion bottle. I stuck it under the covers and he rubbed his little feet on it.

"Oh Momma. This feels nice and cold. Thank you Momma." And within minutes he was snoring.

This whole scenario freaks Levi out a little but I just love it. Yes, my son may be a little weird but we all have our idiosyncrasies. I think it is so sweet that he is comforted and calmed by my "foots" or by the lotion bottle posing as my "foots." I know it won't be but a blink of an eye and he will no longer want to kiss or cuddle with me and I'm going to soak up all the loving I can while he is willing to give it!

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