Saturday, December 19, 2009

My ladie's man

Jack's school Christmas program was this last Thursday and it was seriously the sweetest thing to watch. When he got up on stage and saw all the Mommies and Daddies he got a little nervous and scared and immediately popped that little thumb in his mouth.
But then he remembered Abbie (who is a super hero...according to Jack). He started to make his move. He is very sly.
Once he had a hold of Abbie's hand everything was okay. Thumb came out of his mouth and he was ready to perform...okay well, he was ready to stand there while all the other kids sang the songs.

No wonder Jack loves Abbie so much...she is such a little doll!

When it came time for Jack to say his lines, he was AWESOME! He said "S is for Santa and sleigh." I'm not too sure other parents understood it but I knew what he was saying and I couldn't have been prouder. After he finished his line, I of course, cheered rather loudly and Jack looked at me from the stage and said, "Thanks Momma." This must have given him a boost of confidence because he began to look around at the audience and noticed the rest of his fans. He turned to his friend and said very loudly, "There's my Grandma and Grandpa, and Uncle Matt. He has Super Mario. It's a cool game."

All the kids had brought a present and the way the teachers decided to pass them out was too play musical chairs and every time a child didn't get into a chair then he or she got a present. It took a little while but Jack and Rylan soon figured out that if they didn't sit down they would get a present. So of course they both refused to sit down in the only chair left. Finally Mrs. Donna stopped trying to convince one of them to sit in the chair and gave them both their present. Such smart boys.

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