Monday, November 1, 2010

Jack's fall party

The very first party Jack and Rylan had at school when they were 2 years old was the fall/halloween party. The girls were only a couple of days old and the boys seemed so big now that they were big brothers. But here we are 2 years later for the boys' last halloween school party and they all seem so big, so grown up.

The party was so cute. Jennifer and Anna did such a cute job.

These cute little spider cupcakes were the craft for party and the kids had so much fun with them. I thought they were such a cute idea!

Addie watched while Jack worked diligently on his spider.

It's the Addie glare!!!!!! Be afraid, be very afraid.

Addie put on JackJack's hat. I think she makes a cute firegirl.

Mouth is full but smiling!

Little Leilei wasn't in the mood to pose.

Ms. Anna led story time and Addie sat between Jack and Rylan and listened intently while Lorelei did her own thing...such a little diva.

My sweet loves.

Pretty two year old girlies.

You can't really tell from the picture but that is a rubber duck that Addie is gnawing on intently.

The boy's club.

Such cuties!!!

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