Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter/Jack's 4th Birthday

I haven't been taking many pictures lately but I think I definitely made up for it this weekend. We had a ton of Easter parties and I had my camera ready.
You can't really tell from the picture but Addie is wearing her Easter dress from last year. Got to love pillow case dresses!

Jack and his cousin Case.

Jack was so proud of himself even though there wasn't much skill involved in this hunt. We basically just threw the eggs on the ground.

This was the Easter egg hunt for our church party. Jack takes these hunts seriously.

Addie's little bucket ($5 at JBF!!!!) is almost as big as she is.

Thanks Camille for taking this picture. We rarely all get in the picture.

Addie was fascinated with this puddle until she was in it and then she wasn't too thrilled to have her shoes dirty. LOVE the Crocs!!!

Addie is fascinated with every little rock and pebble on the way home from the Lawson's Easter party.

This was our first attempt at Easter/Jack's 4 year old pictures. The kids weren't really in the mood to strike a pose.

Well, except this one. He was being extra annoying and wouldn't look at me or smile. So instead he decided to dance.

Neither kid would smile and both were squinting the whole time. UGH! This could have been super cute. Oh well.

Addie Grace looking pretty in her pettiskirt. I just love this outfit because it made a super cute Easter outfit and Addie is going to wear it as flower girl in my sister's wedding! I love when I get extra wear out of the fancy clothes.

I always think the kissing pictures are the cutest. My house is already covered with pictures of them kissing. I guess I have one more for the collection.

Addie striking a pose but still not smiling.

And now we've had enough. Jack has found a stick that is now a sword and Addie needs a nap.

I tried for one last picture. Jack apparently is doing a Zoolander look while Addie is well, being Addie.
This year we decided to forgo the giant birthday party for Jack and just combine his birthday and our family Easter party. It was soooooo nice. I didn't have to send out invitations, order party favors, or decorate. Plus my family has to love me regardless of the kind of party I throw so it felt very stress free. I wasn't worried about having the cutest cake this year so I just make these cupcakes and stuck some batman toppers in them to give a little birthday flare. I think they turned out pretty cute.

I love this picture because I managed to snap this right when she realized Daddy just caught her sneaking candy.

Then she realized she wasn't getting into trouble and decided to stuff her face with M&Ms.

The kids spent most of Easter riding their vehicles. Little Madi is so brave to ride in the back while crazy Jack is driving!

Addie loves her Tysen.

Jack and his cousin Haley. Such cuties!

I love this picture!!! Jack is starting to think girls are kind of gross and this picture definitely shows it.

This time last year the babies weren't even crawling and here they look so grown up already.

All the little Popes.

Last Easter egg hunt of the year.

Rylan and Jack going through their Easter baskets.

My last attempts at a cute Easter outfit picture. I think Addie had a piece of candy in her mouth.

Rylan wanted me to take his picture. Such a cutie!

After pictures, all the kids changed into their play clothes and then it was birthday time. Jack, of course, wanted to wear his batman shirt. The wind was blowing so we couldn't get the candle to light but Jack didn't care, he just wanted to eat his cupcakes.

Jack was very excited to recieve more Mercy Watson books. It is such a cute series and is a great introduction to chapter books for kids.
This was such a great birthday for Jack and he didn't even care that he had to share it with Easter. Thank you to our sweet family for all the gifts and for spending such a fun day with us. We love you all!

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